13.November 2017

It was easy for me to make money, doing airbrush and then computer-based design. When I was 25 I started to think about what I was eating, and I only ate good stuff. I made my food myself, no more going out for junk food and bullshit food. I began thinking about what I'm putting in my mouth, it must be good. And my interest in food kept increasing. I have a Weber grill and smoke grill, a pizza oven. I cook wild meat. I started making ice cream. I was thinking in my next life I will be a cook.

Everywhere I go I taste the ice cream. My kids always say "Pappa's ice cream is better."

I worked as an art director in advertising for 29 years. First as a consultant and then for more than 10 years in Sennheiser. On my 10 years anniversary, they gave me candlesticks as a present. This was too much. I wanted to get out of there. For five years already I had been writing the same ideas in my annual reviews. Nothing ever changed. They only hire people who are not smarter than themselves, because this keeps their jobs safe. So there are more and more stupid people working there. I had to fix their work. I had to pick things up off the floor and get them to fly.

I had saved a lot of holidays, so I used them to go study ice cream in Italy. I met a Danish guy with an ice cream school 3 days/month. He's the coach for the national Danish konditori team. I asked him to let me in, and at first he refused. The other students had a 1 star restaurant, or a family of bakers, a Marzipan company. One was a master baker who won for all of Denmark. But I told the teacher how many ice cream machines I had at home, and he let me try to do the course.

So I got my Ice Cream Master Certificate. I learned the calculations, hardness, sugar, temperature. I can do it all by excel. Sugar is the antifreeze.

I felt like a hooker with Sennheiser. A big salary, but I do it for money, not pleasure. So I quit my job and opened Favvo Glass here in the Saluhall. The hall is open every day of the week, so I work every day.

My wife, Annie, was also tired of her job. So now she works with me.

Now I have less than 50,000 Kroner, but I used to have sleep problems and pain in my body in my back, arms. Now I'm on my feet all day, but the physical pain is gone. When I'm working, I feel I'm relaxing.

I have an ecological thing, but I don't really talk about it. I work with a small company, one farmer with 1000 cows, making his own dairy production. It's "close production". He grows his own food for the cows. He grows his own oil for the tractor. He uses farm waste for heating. The cows are on grass. The chesemaking is 30m from the milking. He doesn't have any certification because to get the organic certification in Sweden it's necessary to feed the cows soy products. Soy comes from Brazil, where it's destroying the forest, so I don't want that kind of milk. I know my milk is coming from THAT farm, not from some "organic" farms somewhere in Sweden.

I grow the rhubarb myself. We buy the fruit from the seller who is here at the market and we make ice cream from whatever he is selling.

I don't know where I get my ideas for the flavours. Maybe I'm more creative because I didn't go to culinary school. The people in schools are all learning the same shit. I come from another perspective. Nobody else makes sorbet from this special Swedish drink, Julmust. I make ice cream from Fläderblom which only blooms one week per year. When I ran out a customer brought me more.

Ronald offered me a cup of coffee as I was wandering through Malmo's Saluhall,a gourmet destination and incubator for small-scale food businesses.