"Because we want to work with artisans"

7.August 2014

Walking through Kreuzberg/Neukölln I was drawn to another minimalist window display of an unlit store in a residential street. Like most entrepreneurs of shops with obtuse names in quiet streets, the owner wasn't all that interested in promotion.

The Home Project is a project of two designers, Álbio Nascimento and Kathi Stertzig.

"I'm interested in your project".

"Good." "So?"

She seemed comfortable with monosyllables, just my style, as I fumbled for a pen: "Why?"

"Because we want to work with artisans. We're designers. We like to have a process with them, starting from what they do. Each one has a handwriting. But they also have limitations, the way they were trained, usually just one material."

They work mostly with Portuguese artisans, as Nascimento is Portuguese, but also with Greek and others.

"And second, for regional development, regional culture."

"Why do people buy from you?"

"The story."

"How's it going?"

"Well we can't make a living from the things. The consultancy for regional development is how we make our living."

"But is it growing?"

"Yes, we can feel that."


photo by www.the-home-project.com