Julian's Yes

4.June 2018

The secret of my ice cream –well secret is too much– but the way I do it. I like single components. I do not like any kind of pre-fab food. So I never use any kind of eis-mix or nut mix or caramel stuff which you just buy. I make it all by myself.

I do not like the tendency in business that you can buy everything ready-made. I think that's wrong. Quality is very bad with that stuff. It has no taste.

I jsut take single products. I take a nut. I roast it. I grind it. And then I have a nut mouse. Or the caramel. I take sugar and cream and lime and a little bit of salt. And I make it."

When you buy something. You get what you buy. When you make something you are in the charge of the quality of whatever you make. So if I buy ice cream to sell it again, then the quality is what I buy. But I can choose the quality, because I make it. I can say I want some organic products. I use organic milk and I have organic cones. Using good fruit. It's quite simple. If you have good fruit you have good ice cream, because the taste is embedded into good fruit. If you buy good fruit and put a lot of them into the ice cream you get a strong taste, a really juicy taste.

What people don't really realize is that I have two jobs.

"Enjoy your Feierabend."

"Well, I would like to, but I have to make ice cream."

This is the second part of my job. It's not only 6 hours of selling. It's another 6 hours of producing the ice cream.

You could make the same money and work less hours if you bought  the ice cream from someone else.

It doesn't feel well to do something just for money reasons, but also for quality, for the thing itself. Hard to explain.

I like to see the children, or the people when they get their ice cream, and they lick at it: "Mmmm. That's good.". It makes me happy. Because they tell me whatever I did matters.

• • •

Julian owned a bar. But then he had a family, and it was hard to be away from the bar. He discovered the possibility of doing street food, especially seasonal street food, which gave him more control over his time, both daily and yearly. He does Raclette with a partner at Christmas markets, and in the summer, he does ice cream. He recalled his architectural training to design and build the shop himself.

Yes Eis, Fehrbelliner Str. 83, Berlin