Italian artisans, with profiles and ordering system.

Modern Farmer Magazine

Has a section called "Meet the Modern Farmer".

Crafts Council UK

An industry support group for craftsman, offering professional development, exhibitions, a magazine (CRAFTS, since 1970), research in collaboration with universities, and craft education for children.


BACO is an Italy-based online magazine and scouting showcase dedicated to fashion’s artisans and rising stars who represent the best in luxury craftsmanship.
In an age where vanguard luxury brands face ubiquity, we are dedicated to providing you with sophisticated editorial content on exclusive labels found through our private network of industry contacts, off-catwalk shows and presentations and extensive research.
The BACO team believes that a true luxury product is not only made at the hand of an artisan, but is also a unique creation born through the consumer’s vision and the craftsman’s expertise.
Our name and logo is derived from the Italian term for silk moth. Similar to the baco da seta, whose cocoons have journeyed from the Orient to Europe for eons, our magazine’s journey begins in Italy and traces that influence across the globe.
Italy is our hub, because it is here that legions of men and women are carrying on generations-strong family traditions that continue to inspire fashion consumers and designers globally with their passion.
We hope that this site will inspire you to shop in a more sustainable way by making more selective, lifetime purchases and most of all, understand WHO is making your fashion."

Italian Stories

A way to book visits and lessons in Italian artisans' workshops

Italian Artisan

This is a service for connecting fashion designers with Italian manufacturers

Artists & Makers (Defunct)

F&W Media started and ended this magazine in 2015 as far as I can tell.

The Artisan Maker

A physical and online shop in England, carrying some 3w products as well. "We offer functional goods made by hand and chosen with thought. Some are local to the county, some are British, some are European and some are international. In the latter, we ensure the goods are fairly and honestly traded and in some instances empower the lives of working women or are part of schemes which teach new skills. Our stock is chosen with an accent on every day life and running a household.
The Artisan Maker was created out of an interest in artisan skills and a yearning to see more things readily available made by people not machines. Machinery plays an important role in the modern world of course, but pleasure can be gained from handling an item, and using it daily or weekly, and being able to say 'I know about the person or people who made this'. Also, to be able to make something - and learn a skill and be good at it - is one of life's simple pleasures. This shop, in its own small way, supports those people and hopes to inspire more.
The owner also organises a number of craft and handmade events - please keep an eye on our newsfeed or pick up a flyer in the shop.
Make well what needs to be made. Everything we stock is useful, has purpose and makes everyday living more pleasurable. Of course, you can give our stock as gifts but we also hope you will see its functionality for your own home.
Supporting skills
We cannot lose our skills. Our shop supports artisan skills and the artisan maker. Every day, skilled makers are designing and making goods which become part of our lives. "


"Make: has been elevating makers, nurturing a global cultural movement, and celebrating creativity, innovation and curiosity since 2005." Events, tutorials, community, and magazine.
DEFUNCT CRAFT magazine was less electronic. Now that's integrated into Makezine, but it's mostly electronics.

Kinfolk Magazine

(no longer run by founders) "Delving deeply into home, work, style and culture, Kinfolk promotes quality of life and connects a global community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo. Since 2011, Kinfolk has become a leading lifestyle authority with a dynamic mix of print and online media, including a quarterly magazine sold in over 100 countries in four languages, daily posts on Kinfolk.com, bestselling books, plus international events and a gallery space in the heart of Copenhagen. "