In December 2014 I had just moved to Berlin. It being Christmastime, there were handcraft markets, and I went to all of them, as part of the research that would result in Artisan Modern. I wasn't allowed to shop, because I hadn't yet established my business or even got a work visa.

One market was at the gorgeous Warenhaus Jandorf, in what would eventually be my neighborhood. A girl had a table with just a few things on it, including a beautiful gold keyhole on a cheap chain. She wanted €20 for it. Not being an impulse buyer, I took her card.

Just after Christmas I remembered the keyhole and found her card. Unfortunately the card had no email address on it or other contact information. Just her brandname, which was something like Delight, or Angela. I googled. I facebooked. Nothing.

In Spring, I was still thinking about that keyhole.  9.Feburary I searched in facebook. I found a girl who I thought was the right one. I wrote "We met at a winter markt in mitte. I am wondering if you still have the gold keyhole necklace?"

She responded on 30 March: "what a chain? who are you?

"I was a shopper in the market on Brunnenstraße in December. You had a necklace on a gold chain made of an old keyhole. I hope you didn't sell it yet?"


"leave me in peace I do not know what you are talking about and i don't know you! if you treat me further I go to the police , wish you a wonderful day

I wear not even chains. Peace"

I persisted into April until I found the right Inga. She still had the keyhole in her Friedrichshain fashion atelier. She said "It waited for you."

In 2017 I put it on a heavy, regal chain for my apprentice Stefan to wear in his first performance.
It makes any outfit.